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CXO Apprentice Programme: Your Success Starts Here!

by Community Manager on ‎09-05-2017 11:25 AM - last edited on ‎29-05-2017 02:51 PM by SuperUser


Digi’s CXO Apprentice Programme is now open for submission but let’s take a look at what the recent batch of apprentices experienced. Here’s Wendy’s journey with Mr. Albern Murty, Chief Executive Officer of Digi. For more info on the programme, click here!  Application deadline has been extended till 11 June 2017!


Ever wondered what happens when a fresh graduate is paired hand-in-hand with the CEO? I have never been able to picture this until a year ago.


with Albern.jpg

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Albern Murty (left) and Wendy.


After graduating, I was determined to start my career as a management trainee as I wanted a holistic view of a big company before I delved into a rather focused division. When the offer to become the Digi CEO’s apprentice came along, I felt like the luckiest person alive. Being in this position grants me the key to many doors of opportunity. Moreover, I got the CEO as my mentor for a whole 365 days – it literally means I would be directly reporting to him for all the work that I do. What a huge honour!


Many people often ask what I do at Digi on a daily basis. I would say it is 20% exposure and 80% actual operation tasks. I attended many meetings together with the CEO (Mr. Albern Murty), worked on projects end-to-end from research to execution, took part in discussions with leaders of the company and brought in croissants and coffee for the CEO (just kidding! It is quite the contrary actually). My job scope is challenging and intriguing as peers and people around me expect more from me, assuming the position that I'm in. Being in this programme taught me how to walk the extra mile and be as alert as possible. Despite all the challenges, the scheduled sessions with my mentor on a weekly basis are what I look forward the most.




In fact, many of my learning and life lessons came from these sessions. Being a millennial, guidance from bosses is what we value the most and ironically it is what we often lack. This programme is exactly about that: Direct Mentorship. Here are 3 situations that happened and what he has shared with me.


Fake it till you make it
A few months ago, my boss asked me to work on a research and present it to a few of the head of departments when it is done. I was very concerned about how convincing my work would be and I thought my age and my level of experience wouldn’t make them take my words seriously. To my surprise, my boss told me that he also did a similar presentation when he first joined Digi’s marketing team from his previous role. He said:
‘It was horrible! But back then I did not have anyone to guide me through. Don't be too worried, being nervous is good! Just do your homework, and be bold and confident when you do your presentation. Trust me; the heads are as nervous as you are.' 

As a mentor, he believes in your capability and who you are - even when you don’t see that quality in you. I felt much more confident of my own abilities after that conversation. And the presentation went well.


Own it like a boss
After the presentation, he wanted me to turn my proposal plan into executions. At that point I was motivated to see my see my contribution in Digi. By then, I understood his advise:
'No matter where you at, what you do, always own something; because when you fully own something on your own, you will be able to feel your work personally and be truly happy and proud about it when you succeed.'

Having ownership on something helps you to own your purpose. The purpose will be the thing that drives you every single day and enable you to contribute whole-heartedly with the right mindset. P/s: I am sure this is how the CEO keeps himself motivated everyday too!


Be humble, always live the brand
Aside from work related matters, I remember having a conversation with the CEO about the importance of living the Digi brand. This is what he shared:

‘Spend time listening to what customers have to say and don’t be afraid about customers’ feedback. It is important for all employees to be the ambassadors of the brand as well as to always put our business focus on customer experience.’

He also told me that not many brands are willing to take a step further in understanding customers’ problems. This includes talking to customers at the store, replying the feedback messages and more. Digi believes in putting customer first in all situations. My boss made me realise the importance of listening to end users as it could benefit us as well. It’s a classic win-win situation!

I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to gain a genuine and sincere working relationship and friendship with the leader of the company. For this fruitful one year, I owe it to Digi as well as to my mentor, the Digi’s CEO. What happens after the apprenticeship remains to be seen but this entire year has set a clearer path to my future.


Digital Day_1.jpg

I dare you to join DiGi CXO’s Apprentice Programme to make a change for yourself! If I can, so can you.

This is Wendy. About a year ago, I became the Digi CEO’s apprentice.

For more info on the programme, click here.




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