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CXO Apprentice Programme: Top 7 Things You Need To Know About This Exciting Programme!

by Community Manager on ‎16-05-2017 11:29 AM - last edited on ‎29-05-2017 02:56 PM by SuperUser


Digi’s CXO Apprentice Programme is now open for submission but let’s take a look at what the recent batch of apprentices experienced. Here’s Justin's journey with Ms. Orsolya Sekerka, Chief IT Officer of Digi. For more info on the programme, click here!  Application deadline has been extended till 11 June 2017!


Hi there! I’m Justin, the current CIO Apprentice at Digi. Here, I will be sharing some extremely candid reasons as to why I chose to join the DIGI CXO Apprentice Programme. Now, THIS IS NOT a marketing ploy to persuade anyone to join the programme (in fact, I’d rather not be replaced!) but my personal reflections as to why I chose to be part of this journey.

Here are 7 reasons why I joined the DIGI CXO Apprentice Programme:
1. I Wanted To Kick Start My Career with a Bang!
Having graduated later than most of my peers, I was looking for an opportunity to leap frog the early budding years of a typical career path and get right into the thick of the action. The words `accelerated learning’ on the bright yellow posters plastered around my university certainly caught my attention. Now in the programme, I realise what a privilege I have to not only have a front row seat to decision making at the highest level, but also 365 days of direct access to the ears of the top management of the organisation where you get to contribute your opinions and thoughts.

2. I Wanted A Steep Learning Curve Experience
To be frank, I was looking to join a startup or a consulting firm because I figured that these career paths would need a steep learning curve for a first job. But it was only when I joined Digi, did I realise that I had in fact stumbled upon the best of both worlds. Life at Digi is fast moving, vibrant and dynamic – resembling a consultancy firm at times (without the crazy hours!), especially being in a robust market that it’s in – and it requires you to always be on your toes to learn fast and adapt to changes quickly. There’s also an entrepreneurial spirit within Digi that’s constantly pushing people to challenge the norm and pursue the notion of every day innovation (purposeful innovation can arise from small, gradual steps), with platforms such as Disrupt@Digi and Ignite for you to live your startup dreams. In fact, I was a part of Disrupt@Digi, an internal hackathon where we functioned as a startup within Digi to ideate, validate and build a facial recognition app for Digi.

3. I Wanted Freedom
I didn’t want to be stuck in a rigid structure like a management trainee program, where you are pre-assigned tasks and roles within a certain timeframe. Through the CXO Apprentice Programme, I had advantages and privileges that any fresh grad (or even employee) would want. I had the freedom to design my own career path, select projects and areas within the organization that I wanted to be a part of and learn from as well as drive and own initiatives on my own. Having said that, for as much freedom you’re given, much responsibility is required; so remember to always be involved in something that will benefit the organization. Here’s some free advice for future apprentices, “Be proactive and use your freedom to your advantage!”


4. I Realised the Need for A Mentor


“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” – Richard Branson


I didn’t just want a good and successful boss, I wanted a mentor. I wanted someone that I could not just follow and learn from, but someone that would give me the freedom to explore things on my own, yet plainly tell me if they ever feel that I’m wandering off too far. One of the best advices I’ve gotten from my mentor was when she said to me “50 percent of the time you do what you like to do, but the other 50 percent you do what you need to do and that’s the same for me”.


5. No 4.0 CGPA, no worries!

When I read that the DIGI CXO Apprentice program did not require a 4.0 CGPA because they believed that everyone deserves an equal opportunity and that your life experience is what defines you as a candidate – I was adamant to apply! A company that believes in people that much is definitely a company that will empower its employees and boy was I right! Speaking about empowering employees, I would soon learn that Digi provided Digital Learning platforms such as Lynda.com, Udacity and Coursera where every employee has the opportunity to up-skill and equip themselves with the latest certifications and skill sets that are fully paid for by Digi! I’m currently pursuing Introduction to Programming under the Udacity programme.


6. I Wanted Global Exposure


Through the CXO Apprentice Programme, we had the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for a global on-boarding session with other Telenor Management Trainees. Once there, we met up with top level executives from the Telenor group, and they shared their experiences with us from how they started as management trainees to where they are today. They also gave us good insights and a better understanding about Telenor as a whole and its plans to transform itself into a digital service provider. The best parts are the friendships and connections you gain along the way!


7. I Needed A Job!

At the end of the day, what you really want is to be hired by a great company with an inspiring culture that enables you to be your best. I was lucky enough to be hired right after I graduated to join the CXO Apprentice Programme; this is not an internship, it’s an apprenticeship! You are considered a full-time employee (upon the usual 6-month probation period). So if you’re a fresh grad looking to work in a company that has a fun and supportive culture that encourages you to speak up, try new ideas and challenges the norm; then this programme is definitely for you.

So what’s the best part of the CXO Apprentice Program you ask? – Definitely going through this entire journey with 7 other apprentices who have now become my dearest friends!


If you’re passionate about making a big impact early in your career, it starts here! Click here to find out more about the CXO Apprentice Programme.




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