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CXO Apprentice Programme: 3 Reasons Why This Programme Can Bring You Anywhere & Everywhere!

by SuperUser ‎04-05-2017 02:53 PM - edited ‎29-05-2017 02:48 PM

CXO - The Adventure Retold Final_Hui Qi_CFD.jpg

Hui Qi (Left) with Mr. Kesavan Sivabalan,
Chief Technology Officer of Digi (Middle).


 Digi’s CXO Apprentice Programme is now open for submission but let’s take a look at what the recent batch of apprentices experienced. Here’s Hui Qi’s journey with Mr. Kesavan Sivabalan, Chief Technology Officer of Digi. For more info on the programme, click here!  Application deadline has been extended till 11 June 2017!

As a marketing and finance graduate, I have always envisioned myself to embark on a career related to my degree, and eventually chart my way to be a management consultant. Never have I thought of landing a job in the most technical division of a telco – Network and Operations, where the majority of the people here are engineers, and the nature of the job is not related to my background at all!

However, it didn’t take me long to decide to take on this journey. Nine months into this role, it turned out to be the dream job that I never thought I would be privileged enough to be part of!

1. No JD (Job Description), do anything you want!

Imagine being on the first day of work and your manager hands you a list of tasks to be done and you get the feeling that you will be stuck to that role until you decide to move on. The CXO Apprentice programme is the total opposite. I can vividly recall the first day I met my mentor (Chief Technology Officer Mr. Kesavan Sivabalan), the only task he assigned to me was to shadow him for three months. I was then able to tailor my development plan according to my preferences, with his guidance.

CXO - The Adventure Retold Final_Hui Qi_pic.jpg

For instance, I came across Handy (check out more on Digi-X’s website), a new venture by Digi-X which involves pitching digital marketing solutions to the hospitality industry in Malaysia. I was keen to improve my pitching skills, so I hopped on the bandwagon and proposed to my mentor that I would very much like to be part of the Handy team. So here I am, typing away in the Handy onboarding session at a hotel in Genting!

2. Experience accelerated learning with the C-levels!

During the three months, I had the opportunity to tag along with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to attend his meetings. Shadowing him to important meetings provided me a better understanding of the organization, especially the current issues and challenges faced by Digi. It was an accelerated learning experience to understand the company holistically. Besides that, mentorship by the C-level is extraordinary.

One key takeaway I learnt from Kesavan was that, “A great company and leader would ensure the employability of their employees rather than just being focused on their employment. Employment can be temporary but employability is for a lifetime”. This statement inspired me to keep challenging myself to try something new. In order to step outside my comfort zone, I signed up for a Data Analyst course on Udacity and in six months’ time I will be getting my diploma equivalent certificate like the graduates in picture below!

CXO - The Adventure Retold Final_Hui Qi_Udacity Grads.png

3. Opportunities are everywhere (Freedom to explore and initiate new things)

The title of CTO Apprentice did not mean that my learning was limited to all things Network only. I had the privilege to explore the HR division. Following my involvement in pushing for a higher adoption rate on one of our learning platforms, Lynda.com (which is currently at 87% adoption), I initiated a new program “Spark - It’s like TED Talk but better, because they’re our own stories” to encourage a culture of learning and sharing within Digi. The turn up rate went beyond my expectations, and everyone left the event feeling inspired! As long as you’re proactive, there are opportunities for you everywhere in this organization!


Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn from Digi's top management!  For more info on the programme, click here.



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