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Beware of Fake Contests!

by obatterista SuperUser on ‎20-03-2018 03:42 PM

Scam Alert: Fake Contests / Peraduan Palsu


There are many contests or ‘peraduan’ that carry the names of brands can companies. Some of which look and sound legit. However, if you read between the lines, you will begin to spot flaws in the presentation of the said contests.

Watch out for:



  1. Branding. Looks legit, though. But wait!

Some contests look like they came straight from the company, itself. Clear branding that seem to match every single feature like logos and slogans. How do we tell them apart, then?




  1. Website Hosting. That website link looks a bit dodgy, no?


For the most part, links within a specific brand and company will remain consistent. The moment you see a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or website link (simply put) looking different, you will need to keep your guard up. If you encounter pop-ups, close them immediately as to not distract you from confirming your suspision.



  1. The contest organisers are asking for details, and my debit/credit card numbers?


Congratulations, you have spotted a fake contest! At most, a contest will require for you to provide your Full Name and Contact Number. In addition to that, requesting for your IC number will also be done in private as to not share this number with the public so easily.



Comment down below if you have spotted any other  scams that the Community should know. Let's all have fun joining our favourite contests while staying safe and away from scams. 


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