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A postpaid plan at only RM25 per month?!

by SuperUser on ‎03-10-2015 02:09 PM

Don’t want to pay more than RM100 a month for your postpaid bill? Introducing our latest postpaid plans to give you everything you need for as low as RM25/month!


Introducing Digi SmartPlan 25!


successbaby 25.png


With Digi SmartPlan 25, you get…


Unlimited calls AND unlimited SMS (on-net) to 3 Friends! Plus, 1GB of 4G LTE data for all your Interweb needs. Learn more here.



1GB not quite enough for you? We have something else.


badluckbrian 45.jpg


Digi SmartPlan 45, the affordable plan with gives you 3GB of data every month, with a no contract. With just RM45 per month, you also get 50 minutes of calls to other networks, on top of unlimited calls & SMS to 3 Friends.


Need to talk all day errday to everyone? Your friend list extends wayyyy longer than 3 Friends? We hear you!


Now, you can have …




Yes, you read it right. Free calls to ALL networks, 3GB data for only RM65. Talk allll you want without worrying about the extra charges. Fulamak!!!


If you sign up for any one of these three packages, you’ll get:


  • FREE 30GB of Capture storage – never delete a photo or video again!
  • Full access to movies with iflix (For 60 days)
  • Unlimited chat with WhatsApp and WeChat


Good leh… then go sign up now! Promotion period is till 31 October 2015 only. View all our new plans here.


Have a question? Check out our FAQ here. Or, leave a question!  

by SuperUser
on ‎04-10-2015 01:32 AM



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