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5 Things You Need to Know About Your Mouse!

by SuperUser on ‎28-08-2016 11:44 AM

Do you have a mouse? Some of you may have pet mice, but what about computer mice? Some of us want the basics of it while others make sure it is a cool yet functional computer accessory. Are you one of them?


In conjunction with Race Your Mouse Day, here are a few pointers to celebrate your computer mouse, one of the most used (if not the most used) accessory to your personal computer.


Here we go!


1. Good mice don’t need to be expensive. However…

Let’s be honest. We bought cheap mice that break down every week (yes, we’re exaggerating). This also means that the chances of a more expensive mouse will be of higher quality and will last longer. Some people do use gaming mice for work just because they are tougher and can handle more clicks.



Pic by bit-tech.net


2.  Ergonomics. That’s a good grip

Let’s see those curves, on your mouse… We have seen and felt great mice for purposes such as gaming and productivity, and they are so comfortable.



Pic by Amazon.com



Let’s take a look at this vertical mouse. Crazy design, isn’t it? That’s because our wrists should be in their natural position most of the time, which is palms facing inwards (like you’re about to do a Kame Hame-Ha) and not facing downwards (like you’re about to do push-ups).

But let’s be real. Some gaming mice are affordable, comfortable, and can handle thousands of clicks for years. Take a look at this beauty!


3. Such buttons, much productivity, wow!

Buttons, buttons everywhere. Some of us are used to only the mouse wheel, and left & right click buttons. Those are great, but what about more buttons?



Pic by tomsguide.com


If we know how to program them right, each click can be played out as a complete series of actions. For example, it can be as simple as opening up the Calculator or Word to setting filters, layers, and exporting your Photoshop project. That’s a whole new world of efficiency!


4. Mousepads, with or without?

Never discount the functionality of a good mousepad. Not only will it save your mouse from being worn out quicker, it will also improve the mouse’s response. Some of these are over-the-top that come with additional lights but others are simple, functional, and tough.

Are you a colourful and trendy user?



Pic by gamespot.com


Bonus! If you look carefully, some of these mousepads are also water resistant! Just make sure your other office equipment can handle spills, too Smiley Tongue


Pic by hothardware.com


5.  Wrist guard. Extra support and less fatigue.

Just like wearing a good pair of shoes to protect your feet, consider using a wrist guard to protect your wrist from mouse movement fatigue, pressure on your desk, and providing extra support.

We can always decide to purchase a computer-branded wrist guard but we can always take a look at generic sports accessories (for cheaper!).



Pic by teamliquid.net


There are so many tips and tricks out there but so little time! Which was your favourite? Do you have any tips to share? Reply in the thread below & share with us Smiley Happy





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