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Digi Enterprise 0% GST FAQs

by Community Manager on ‎01-06-2018 12:02 AM

Here’s what you need to know now that GST will be at 0% from 1 June 2018.

Will there be any changes in my monthly bill once the 0% GST takes effect on 1 June 2018?
The changes in bill display are as per below:


Would all existing Postpaid products & services that are subject to 6% GST become 0% GST?
Yes. Please refer to the summary table below:

My monthly postpaid bill falls in June 2018 but my phone usage crosses over from May 2018. How will the 0% GST impact me? Will the 6% GST be pro-rated or do I get a full refund?
For new and existing customers who signed up before 1 June 2018 with a crossover billing cycle period between May and June 2018, the full 6% GST will be charged on the May/June monthly fee, other credit and charges as well as discount. However, the extra GST amount charged or returned according to the number of days of subscription in June 2018 will be refunded and recharged in the next bill statement.

May - June 2018 Crossover month bill charges by Bill Cycle illustration

Example: Your bill statement date is on 16 June 2018 for your Go Digi 78.
You would be charged the full 6% GST on the Monthly fee of RM80 first. In the next bill statement, you would receive a refund of RM2.25 [6% x (RM78/31*15 days)].
For Usage charges or Quota Top Up purchased before 31 May 2018, 6% GST is only levied up till 31 May 2018; so there would not be any excess GST charged from 1 June onwards.

May - June 2018 Crossover month (Eg. Bill Statement on 16 June 2018)

Will there be any refund for Advance Payments paid before 1 June 2018?
For any payment made before 1 June 2018, 6% GST will be charged and all payment made with 6% GST before 1 June 2018 shall NOT be refunded in accordance to Royal Customs Malaysia.

However, your advance payment (prorated over 6 months) of RM23.585 + RM 1.415 would be used to offset your June 2018 bill statement. In the July 2018 bill statement, we will refund the excess GST charged in June 2018 bill (if there is any). See scenarios below.
If a new registration falls after 1 June 2018, there will be 0% GST on the Monthly charges, advance payment and advance payment rebate.

Will there be a refund of the 6% GST for any phone bundle/ purchases before 1 June 2018, which is still pending activation or delivery? Example MNP phone bundle/DSO delivery?
No, as the Ramadan Giveback Campaign was running from 18 - 31 May 2018, whereby customers are already enjoying a 6% rebate.

I have signed up for a phone bundle and received a tax invoice before 1 June 2018. On 30 June 2018, I had to cancel my phone contract but kept the phone on 30 June 2018. Will I receive a refund on the 6% GST paid for Advance Payment when I signed up for the package?
No, there would not be any GST refund on the Advance Payment. Since the contract was terminated before the contract period, a penalty fee would be charged. However, the contract penalty fee is not subject to GST.

Is there a difference between Corporate Company and Corporate Individual Billing?
No, the difference between Corporate Company and Corporate Individual is in terms of account structure. Categories of charges are a universal setting across all rate plans, regardless of account structure.

I used to pay Advance Payment and it is GST (6%) inclusive. For example, for Go Digi 78, I am required to pay RM 150 only. What will happen for registration from 1 June 2018 onwards?
Previously, the advance payment is inclusive of GST (6%) for simplified communications and payment collection from customers. For registration from 1 June 2018 onwards, the advance payment amount will be maintained at the same rounded amount with 0% GST.

Example: Collection for Go Digi 78, Go Digi 98, Go Digi WiFi 68

Example: Collection for Go Digi 128, Go Digi 168, Go Digi WiFi 108, Go Digi WiFi 158