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Reload & get up to 10% FREE credit!

Posts: 42
Registered: ‎03-03-2017

That’s right folks, reload and get up to 10% free credit which can be used for all purposes such as calls, SMS, MMS, Internet, IDD etc; except for Talktime Transfer and Roaming.

Here’s how much you can get:

It’s as simple as:


Too simple for you? Here's a detailed guide:




Head on down to our site if you need more info or would like to check out some prepaid plans - just click here!

Q1: Who is eligible for this Promotion?
A1: This Promotion is open to any MyDigi users who are Digi Prepaid voice rate plan subscribers, except for Digi Prepaid Smart Plan v1 and Digi Prepaid Broadband subscribers.

Q2: What can I do with the Free Credit?
A2: Free Credit can be used for all purposes such as calls, SMS, MMS, IDD, Internet but not Roaming and Talktime Transfer.

Q3: How long is the usage validity of my Free Credit?
A3: Free Credit is only valid for 3 days after reload.

Q4: Can I accumulate Free Credit by reloading multiple times?
A4: Yes, you can accumulate Free Credit by reloading multiple times. However, the Free Credit you collected each time will have 3 days of usage validity after reload.

Q5: Can I increase the validity of my Free Credit by reloading within the validity period?
A5: No, the usage validity is fixed at 3 days.

Q6: Are all reloading methods in MyDigi eligible to receive Free Credit?
A6: The offer is only available for online reload via the MyDigi app or Web, and not applicable for reloads via coupon or the *116# Internet menu.

Q7: How will I know that I am eligible for the Free Credit?
A7: Upon successfully reloading via MyDigi app or web, you will receive an SMS to notify you that you have received the Free Credit.

Q8: How do I check the Free Credit?
A8: To check the Free Credit balance, you can check via your MyDigi app> Usage> Others> View details.

Q9: What happens to the Free Credit if I change my Prepaid rate plan?
A9: Free Credit that you have received earlier cannot be used under the new rate plan. Any Free Credit will be forfeited as soon as rate plan is changed.

Q10: I am a broadband user, am I eligible to receive the Free Credit too?
A10: No, this promotion is only applicable for Digi Prepaid voice rate plan subscribers.

Q11: Why am I facing difficulties to load the app?
Q11: Please ensure that you on the latest iOS 10 or android 5.0 and above device operating system to enjoy seamless experience.

Q12: I am still with the old MyDigi app, can I enjoy this offer?
A12: No you can’t, as this offer is only applicable for users on the all-new MyDigi app (v5.0.0 and above).

Q13: How can I check my MyDigi app version?
A13: Login to MyDigi app, click ‘About’ at the menu bar to find out.