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I am on Digi SmartPlan 98 (and above), am I eligible to upgrade my Internet quota to the new offerings by Digi Postpaid 50/Digi Postpaid 80/Digi Postpaid 110?

by SuperUser on ‎13-10-2016 11:58 AM - edited on ‎31-03-2020 07:09 PM by Community Manager

Starting from October 13, 2016, you will receive an SMS to inform you that we have upgraded your monthly Internet quota at no extra cost. 


Have some questions? Do check out our FAQ section below:


 1. I have received an SMS from Digi to inform that I will be upgraded with more data at no additional cost in my next bill, what must I do?

      Congratulations! You do not have to do anything. Just wait for the upgrade of service in your next billing

      cycle. The additional Internet data is an all-day quota for any day any time usage.


2. Do I have to pay a fee for the upgrade?

      No, it is free of charge and your monthly commitment fee is still the  same. It is a reward from Digi to our

      valued customers.


3. Can I have the extra Internet data now, instead of waiting for the next bill?

      We appreciate if you could wait as the arrangement is according to subscriber bill cycle.


4. How long can I enjoy the additional Internet data for?

     You can enjoy the offer for as long as you stay on the plan.


5. Can the additional Internet data be rollover?

     No, Internet rollover feature is only available for current Digi Postpaid plans, not for old plans.


6. How do I know when the upgrade has been completed?

     As per the SMS you have received, you will receive in your next bill. You may  check the upgrade on MyDigi  App.


7. My friend/family member has the same rate plan as mine. Will they receive the same upgrade as mine?

      If he/she is currently on the same plan regardless on contract or no contract, they should be included in this exercise. In the event that he/she didn’t receive the same SMS , please do ask them to call us at



8. After the completion of upgrade, can I go back to my old offer?

      No, we can’t revert to the old offer as it doesn’t benefit you at all. This  proactive upgrade exercise aims to

      bring additional value to our customers.


9. My friend/family member has other plan (which is  not one of the 12 legacy plan), can they subscribe to  

    the same data as mine?

     No, we would  advise to your friend or family member to subscribe  or change plan to the latest Digi Postpaid Plans.