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How do I set up MyDigi?

by SuperUser on ‎09-10-2016 02:57 PM - edited on ‎25-05-2017 03:41 PM by Community Manager

Are you new to MyDigi? Worry not! Here's a simple guide on how to get MyDigi, it's the best app you can have to check your bills, Internet usage, purchase quota top ups and MORE.


First of all, you'll need to download the app.


Click here if you're an iOS user.

Click here if you're an Android user.


Next, sign up for a Connect ID account. What's Connect ID, you ask? It's a service that allows you to connect all of your Digi services with ONE login! Learn all about it and how to sign up here.


Once you've downloaded MyDigi and Connect ID, you're ready to begin! Open the app, you should see the screen below:


mydigi screen 1.png



So, what's the difference between clicking on "Continue with this number" and "Get full access with CONNECT"?


If you click on "Continue with this number", you will only get access to the phone number in which you're using your current smartphone with, and will only work if you're connected to the internet via Mobile Data.


If you click on "Get full access with CONNECT",  it works  on both Mobile Data and WiFi.  It is recommended to use CONNECT to manage multiple lines.


Once you've logged in, you should be able to see your account on the screen, like below:


mydigi screen 2.PNG


From here, you can set about to manage your account, such as pay your bills, share your Internet, check your quota, and many more!


Check out the links below that may be useful to you:


Basic How-to for both Prepaid & Postpaid (includes how to pay bill)

How to add my favourite contacts

How to pay bill/reload for others

How to manage multiple accounts

How to change your billing address

How to share your Internet

How to check your Digi plan contract period (for Postpaid)




by Contributor
on ‎29-05-2017 08:14 AM

I think Digi should put back Volume meter bar as shown as above rather than state the numbers of volume. 


Just my 2cents