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Get to know Connect ID - All you need to know and more!

by SuperUser on ‎27-04-2016 10:52 AM - edited on ‎31-05-2017 12:16 PM by Community Manager

Did you know that you can connect all of your Digi services with ONE login! Connect ID lets you make purchases on the Digi Store Online, upload photos to the Capture app and contacts via the MyContacts app, and also post and join discussions here on Community!




Here's how you can get started: 



1/ What happens during your Connect ID registration?
You will be given a verification link. This link will be sent to the registered email.

2/ What is the impact if I DO NOT click the verification email and complete the registration process?

In the event that you register without verifying your email address, you will not face any issues because, the registration process is complete even though the email address is not verified.

However, if you have forgotten your password and wish to reset it, you will not be able to receive the password reset link via your unverified email. If you log in using your phone number, instead of an email address, then your reset password link will be sent to you via SMS. 

Alternatively, you may contact us at 016-221 1800 or message us here on Community for further assistance. 


3/ What if the same email address has being registered by another user? 

You will not able to use the same email as another user. 


4/ What do I need to register my CONNECT ID?

You need to have an active email account and mobile number. 


5/ Can I use a non-Digi phone number to register for CONNECT ID?

  Yes, but you will not have access to certain Digi services eg: MyDigi.  


6/ Can I register multiple CONNECT ID using the same mobile number?

  No. You will receive an error message indicating that the mobile number has already been registered.


7/ Can I register multiple CONNECT ID using the same email address?

No. You are required to register one email per user. However, if an email has not been verified, it will be possible to re-register the same email address.  


8/ How many mobile numbers can I add into my CONNECT ID?

There is no limit for this, however, only the first mobile number will be allowed to primary access to the MyDigi app.


9/ How many email addresses can I add into my CONNECT ID?

There is no limit for this, however only the preferred email address will be allowed primary access to the MyDigi app.


10/ Can I change my email address and mobile number of my CONNECT ID?

Yes, you can change your email address by managing your profile after you have successfully verified your account and signed in.


11/ Can I register for CONNECT ID with my Broadband mobile number?

Unfortunately no, only mobile numbers that can receive SMSes should be used as the sign up system sends out TAC numbers to complete the verification process. 


12/ I registered for a CONNECT ID with a non-Digi number and now, I am unable to view my Broadband plan via the MyDigi app. 

Do ensure that the email address registered to the Broadband Account, is the same one used to register for CONNECT ID.


13/ I can see all of my accounts under  my name but am unable to check my old purchase history on Digi Store Online. Why?

You are unable to view your old DSO purchases because your old DSO/ MyDigi login does not match with your current CONNECT ID email address.


14/ What can I do to check my purchase history?

You may do this by logging in with your old email address. You may need to register as your CONNECT ID.


15/ I am not a Digi customer but I am an existing Digi Store Online customer. I want to Reload my family member's prepaid balance, will my existing email address be automatically tied to CONNECT ID or will I need to register it? 

You will need to register for a CONNECT ID. Alternatively, you can purchase reloads via Digi Store Online OR through the MyDigi app. 


16/ I used to be able to automatically view my plan details without logging in, why can't I do so now? 

Automatic log-ins are only possible if you are connected to the Digi network.  If you are on WiFi, please turn it off and refresh the connection.


17/ Can I log-in via CONNECT ID if I did not complete the verification link sent to the registered email?

  You will be prompted to reset your password if the verification process was incomplete. 

connect error.png


 17/ What if the email address I want to use has been registered by someone else?

If an email address has already been registered, you will need to either complete the registration process (see question 3) or sign up with a new email address.