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Your #MyDigiApp How-To: Buy Add-Ons

by SuperUser on ‎04-03-2019 12:15 PM - edited on ‎14-07-2020 03:09 PM by Community Manager

Hey Digi subscribers,

The all new MyDigiApp allows you to get all your extra add-ons direct from your phone! To learn how to do so, follow these steps below and get more now!


Step 1:                                                                           

Tap 'Buy Add-Ons' on  your homescreen.                                                           

*If you've used 90% of your Internet quota, you will see a pop-up option for a quick data purchase.

cs addons step 1 (revised).png


Step 2: 

Choose your preferred add-on plans from the top panel.

cs addons step 2 (revised).png


Step 3:

Select your plan from the list and tap 'Confirm' to  proceed.

cs addons step 3 (revised).png


 Step 4:                                                                                                                                                  

Tap the 'Roaming' icon for roaming passes.                                                          


Step 5: 

Next, select your country and preferred roaming passes.



Step 6:

Once selected, you can choose when to activate your roaming pass

and click 'Confirm'.



Step 7:                                                                                        

Your add-ons will now be credited to your account. 

cs addons step 7 (revised).png


It's really that simple! Keep on exploring the new MyDigi app.


Psst: If you have not updated to the new MyDigi app, you're missing out! Get the new app now here.


For more MyDigi How-Tos, click here.

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on ‎20-07-2020 02:33 PM


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by Support
on ‎02-01-2021 08:58 PM

Hi syahnazry_, kami sudah memabals PM anda mohon semamakn terima kasih.

by Member
on ‎02-01-2021 10:12 PM
by Support
on ‎03-01-2021 09:47 AM

Hi syahnazry_ . How can we assist you with the email address? We have responded to your PM too. Please have a look at it ya.


Thank you.