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Your #MyDigiApp Guide to Resetting your Password

by SuperUser on ‎29-03-2019 05:54 PM - edited on ‎25-04-2019 05:58 PM by Community Manager

Hey subscribers!
Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for you to make the sign up process for the new MyDigi app smoother. If you're unsure of your sign-up / log in password, here are some quick and easy ways to reset it!

FAQ 1: Error Message: Invalid login or password. Please try again.
1) If you get this error message, please check if you have signed up for the new MyDigi app.
2) If yes, sign up and double check your mobile number or email. You may attempt up to 5 logins before your account is locked.
3) If you need to reset your password just tap on ‘Forgot Password’

4) You will be prompted to reset your password. Passwords need to be a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters. A good password example would be Digi#016 (please do not use this as your own password!)



FAQ 2: You already had an account before the new update.
1) This screen shows the previous version of the app. If you had an account on this version of the app, your previous login details are no long valid.
2) This is the login screen of the new app (version 8.0 and up). If you were on the previous app and recently updated, you will need to sign up and create a new account. If you are still on the previous version of the app (version 7 and below), you can use your existing Telenor CONNECT account.


FAQ 3: Error Message: Your account is currently locked.
1) When you tap on ‘Sign In’ and receive this error message, it means that your account is now locked.
2) If this is the case, you can unlock your account by using the reCAPTCHA. Alternatively you may contact customer service at 0162211800 to unlock your account.

3) Once your account is unlocked, you may reset your password. Then, sign in with the new password. Passwords need to be a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters.



FAQ 4: Error Message: Mobile number is not a valid Digi number.

1) You may receive this error message stating that the number is not valid.
2) Make sure that the formatting of your number is correct. The app autofills in “+60”, so you will only need to fill in your number starting from 16XXXXXXX. Check the examples below to ensure the correct format.
*Note: If you are a Broadband user, try signing in with the registered email address to your account.


FAQ 5: Error Message: Please enter name. Please specify last name.
1) You will need to enter your full name (as per ID) and full email address.

2) If the error message shows Please specify last name, you may need to check your Android version.

  • If your Android version is below v5.1, do register in another device that is a version higher than v5.1
  • If your Andriod version is above v5.1, do check if you have entered in you full name correctly. Full names should be 2 words with a space in between. The only symbols accepted are: @ / - ’

3) If you are still unable to log into your device, do update your Android version as the new MyDigi 3.0 app only supports Android v5 & above and iOS 9 & above)


FAQ 6: Not receiving One-Time PIN (OTP)

1) If you are a Digi Broadband user, please check your registered email address to find the OTP.

2) If you are not a Digi Broadband user and still have not received your OTP, please raise this issue to our Digi customer service team online or reach us at the Digi store closest to you.


FAQ 7: How do I reset my password?

1) If you wish to change your password, or if you happen to have forgotten your password, you can reset your by tapping on “Forgot Password” at the Sign In page.

2) Key in your mobile number or email with the correct formatting.
3) You will receive an OTP that you’ll need to enter to reset your password.

*Note: Broadband users please refer to FAQ 6.


FAQ 8: Other possible errors

1) Even if you had a registered email on CONNECTID in MyDigi 2.0 or MyDigi Web, you will still have to register again in the new MyDigi 3.0. (FAQ 2)

2) If your account has been locked, do bring this issue to our customer service team. (FAQ 3)



If you have any other issues, do contact our customer service line at 016-2211800. For more questions on about your account, please check out our Account FAQs here.