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Your Digi Account FAQs

by Community Manager ‎25-04-2019 05:32 PM - edited ‎25-04-2019 05:56 PM

Have some questions about our Digi login process? Check out the FAQs for your Digi account login!


Q1: If I have multiple Digi mobile numbers, do I need to register multiple Digi accounts?
A1: No, you don’t need to register multiple accounts. Just register one account and once you are logged in, you can link the other mobile numbers to be able to manage multiple numbers with one login access.


Q2: What are the mandatory fields I need to provide in order to register?
A2: Name, mobile number (must be verified), email address and password.


Q3: If I terminated my Digi mobile number, what happens to my Digi account?
A3: Your account will be removed within 24 hours.


Q4: If I ported out my Digi mobile number to other mobile service provider, what happens to my Digi account?
A4: Your account will be removed within 24 hours.


Q5: I have an existing Digi account. If I transferred ownership of my mobile number to another person, what happens to my Digi account?
A5: Your account will be removed within 24 hours, and the new user can create a new Digi account using the same number. All previous information about the previous user will not be associated with the new account.

Q6: I forgot my password, how can I get a new password?
A6: At the login screen, you can click on the "Forgot Password" link. You will be required to key in your email address, as well as the mobile number registered with your email address. You have to an option to Send TAC via Mobile or Email. This is to prove the ownership of your account before you can reset your password.


Q7: What happens if I keyed in wrong password for more than 5 times within 2 minutes?
A7: There is a reCAPTCHA section which will appear for you to prove that you are not a robot. Just click on checkbox "I'm not a robot" and key-in the correct password. If you forgot your password, click on "Forgot Password" link to reset your password.


Q8: I am not able to register using my email address maybe because someone has mistakenly registered an account using my email address. What can I do to register using my email address?
A8: There are two options. Option 1: Please use another email address to register your account. Option 2: Please call our Customer Service helpline for help. You will need to prove your ownership of the email address.


Q9: Can I register an account using an existing mobile number but different email address?
A9: Yes, as part of new registration process, mobile number will require OTP verification to proof your ownership. The old D'Guard account will no longer have a mobile number because the number is claimed by another account.


Q10: What happens when my mobile number has been claimed by another account?
A10: Mobile number can only be claimed by some other users with the posession of the SIM card to receive TAC code via SMS. When the claim happens, old user will receive an email notification stating that mobile number is required to be updated. User will need to login using email address and update the new mobile number.


Q11: I only have a Digi Broadband mobile number (I don’t have any Digi mobile voice plan). Can I still register for an account on the Digi website?
A11: You may register for a new account using the Digi Website with a Digi Broadband number. Please register using any Malaysian mobile number and email address that matches your billing email address. Then add the broadband mobile number to your account. However, this login only applies on the Digi website.


Q12: Can I register for an account using a broadband number via MyDigi App?
A12: Yes. You can register using a broadband number on the MyDigi App. However, the OTP will be sent to email address that is associated with your broadband purchase.


Q13: I am using a broadband number that does not receive SMS and I forgot my password. How can I reset my password?
A13: You will have to choose the option to send OTP to email address.


If you have questions regarding signing-in to our MyDigi app, please find our quick guides here.

by Member
on ‎30-05-2019 12:13 PM

My due date for plan 28 is on 28 May 2019. Why i top up Rm30 on 27 May 2019 the balance still show only 6.98?

by Anonymous
on ‎30-05-2019 01:51 PM

Hi Lee93, We will assist to check further on the issue occurred. Kindly PM us (Inbox) your mobile number, your full name and your last 4 digits IC number for verification purpose and further assistance. Click here for direct PM: https://bit.ly/2ERJb4N . TQ