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Thank you for making us your preferred telco! Enjoy these awesome treats!

by Community Manager ‎10-02-2017 02:37 PM - edited ‎14-02-2017 01:40 PM


FREE McDonald’s Ice Cream Sundae with MyDigi app! (13 – 15 February 2017)


That’s right! Who can ever say “No” to a nice cone of ice cream?


Here’s how you can get yours. If you don't have the MyDigi app yet, download it here for both iOS and Android:- digi.my/mydigiapp


 pic 1.jpg


pic 2.png


 NOTE: If you don't see your coupon right away, do one of these actions: 

Android users: Just refresh your app! Yay! 

iOS users: Close the app and restart it! Yay! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can redeem the free vanilla sundae cone?
A: Free ice cream sundaes are given to all MyDigi users in Malaysia.


Q: Do I need to pay extra for this offer?
A: Nope, it is a free treat from Digi Rewards.


Q: Where can I get my free vanilla sundae cone voucher?
A: You will have to login to MyDigi app, and go to MyRewards to claim your voucher.


Q: Am I still eligible if I download the MyDigi app on 13 – 15 Feb?

A: Yes you are. Once you have downloaded the MyDigi app, you will need to refresh your app or login again to view the voucher under MyRewards.


Q: Can I exchange for cash or exchange it with another product with same price?

A: No, you can’t exchange for cash or exchange it with another product.


Q: Can I redeem more than once?

A: No, each subscriber is limited to redeem 1 Sundae Cone per voucher during the promotion period.


Q: Is there any minimum purchase required in order for me to enjoy the FREE ice cream?

A: No, you do not have to spend any minimum amount at McDonald’s to enjoy this. Simply flash the voucher from MyDigi app at McDonalds counter.


Q: Can I redeem other Sundae Cone flavours?

A: The redemption is for Vanilla Sundae Cone only and not for any other flavour.


Q: Can I redeem this via drive-thru?
A: No, this offer is only applicable for walk in at McDonalds counter only and not via drive-thru.


Q: Why can’t I see the McDonald’s Sundae Cone voucher under MyRewards?
A: Kindly ensure that you are:

  1. On the latest version of the MyDigi app (IOS: 4.1 ; Android: 2.3.23)
  2. Not on the iPhone 4 or iOS 7 and below.
  3. Not connected via Wi-Fi other than a mobifi.
  4. Refresh MyRewards screen or login again to view the voucher.

Terms & Conditions


  1. Only applicable to MyDigi app users and voucher can only be acquired through the MyDigi app.
  2. Valid at all McDonald’s outlets nationwide.
  3. Users must present this voucher at any McDonald’s outlet to redeem free vanilla sundae cone.
  4. IMPORTANT: Do no click the “Redeem” button prior to claiming the voucher at McDonald’s outlet. Neither Digi nor McDonald’s will provide a replacement voucher in this situation.
  5. One voucher is limited to one redemption only.
  6. Vouchers are valid for one-time usage only per customer from 13 – 15 Feb 2017.
  7. Redemption is valid on “first come, first served” basis.
  8. Not applicable to McDonald's drive-thru service.


FREE YouTube for ONE day Only! (14th  February 2017)


Everything is Awesome when you have FREE YouTube for a day.  The promotion starts : 12am-11:59pm and applies to YouTube access via apps, browser and hotspot (tethering).



Frequently asked questions: 


Q1.  Is this promotion available for all Digi subscribers?

A1.  Yes, except the below plans:-

Happy Broadband (Prepaid)

Happy Internet (Prepaid)

Prepaid Broadband (Prepaid)

Prepaid Broadband - Starter Pack (Prepaid)

Prepaid Internet (Prepaid)

Prepaid Internet - 1Malaysia (Prepaid)

Prepaid Internet (Prepaid)

Prepaid Broadband Mampu Milik (Prepaid)

M2M Plan (Postpaid)

Data-only Sim (Postpaid)



Q2.  Can I use the free reward if my account is suspended?

A2.  No, your account has to be active. Please clear your bill in order to use this reward.


Q3.  If I’m accessing via Wifi, do I still enjoy this free reward?

A3.  No, this reward is only applicable via Digi Mobile Networks. 


Q4.  I have 1am-7am Free Quota. Which quota will be used first?

A4..  The YouTube Treats will be consumed first when you’re using YouTube.



by SG Member
on ‎10-02-2017 04:15 PM

Hi Voctor,

The screen for step 4 does not show. Instead, it is showing a standard message for pay bill, reload, etc.
By the way, I've updated MyDigi app to 2.3.23, logout/login, refreshed, not connected to wifi.
Voucher simply does not show up.
Please check & update.


by Joeyer Contributor
‎11-02-2017 01:27 AM - edited ‎11-02-2017 01:28 AM

Hi Digi,


Another prank from you guys? Before I bashing you guys let me do the cheklist first as per what have mentioned:

1. MyDigi Version 4.1 ✅

2. Refresh MyRewards screen✅ (Fyi, I refreshed it milion times)

3. Reinstall the app✅

4. Test on other devices✅


What else you want me to do except all mentioned as above ? It's a failure guys. Same as your Wheel Rewards scam before. I'm not deadly craving for a cone of free icecream then frustated for unsuccessful redemption.  Just want to make sure if this would be another prank or just nak tunjuk baik to customer with a pathetic free stuff. Then, I was right again. MyDigi was a failure. 


You learn so much from other competitor. There is no wrong of copying the idea then make is as good as other or better. But, you such a backwarder. You make things worst. For an example, Live Chat in your website totally sucks! 


Then, MyDigi app is totally a mess up. Redundacy of menu function. Rewards, MyRewards, Notification, Support, Store Location etc. What the heck of bad app when the menu linked to a webpage in a website and a pop up windows with a list of link?


Seem that  you main hentam je when develop the app. Let be honest la. If the rewards ntah apa2 ntah or once in the blue moon, better don't put on the app liked Celcom Xpax app did. If you really want to appreciate your customer with tons of rewards (kononnya lah), learn from Umobile App. If you just alang2 liked melepaskan batuk di tangga, please revise your app purpose.  


I think your older OCS in the web much2 better in the way how it function according to the purpose. 


Btw, all this was only my 2cents as an humble customer who try to be loyal as long as I can. 

by mydragoon SuperUser
on ‎12-02-2017 09:18 PM

found out that the "reward" will appear only on the stated dates.. 13th to 15th February.


I guess we start to check the reward from tmrw onwards..

by amazing_race83 Member
on ‎13-02-2017 09:33 PM

Yup. I can find the coupon too. It wasn't there yesterday, but now it is there. 


That's right. Sometimes it only comes out during the promotion and not on other dates to prevent confusion. 



by Joeyer Contributor
on ‎13-02-2017 09:52 PM



peace yo! 

by Joeyer Contributor
on ‎13-02-2017 09:53 PM

Finally.. Peace yo!Heart

by EmasPutih Member
on ‎14-02-2017 12:38 PM

saya cuba tengok youtube...tapi macam tolak kuota saya lah..camna nak dapat free youtube ni?

by mydragoon SuperUser
on ‎14-02-2017 03:17 PM


These plans are NOT entitled to free YouTube:

Happy Broadband (Prepaid)

Happy Internet (Prepaid)

Prepaid Broadband (Prepaid)

Prepaid Broadband - Starter Pack (Prepaid)

Prepaid Internet (Prepaid)

Prepaid Internet - 1Malaysia (Prepaid)

Prepaid Internet (Prepaid)

Prepaid Broadband Mampu Milik (Prepaid)

M2M Plan (Postpaid)

Data-only Sim (Postpaid)


Are you on any of these plans?

by DigiFanChan Contributor
on ‎14-02-2017 08:33 PM

Got 3 free Sundae cone yesterday Smiley Happy