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Registering new Debit Card for auto-billing

by SuperUser on ‎17-03-2017 01:16 PM - edited on ‎19-02-2021 12:02 PM by Community Manager

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Hey subscribers,


Auto-Billing is now made easier for you when you register your Debit Card via MyDigi App! This ensures that you avoid any auto-billing payment issues for a faster and more convenient payment process. Read below to get started!


Step 1: Check the expiry date of the Debit Card

Ensure the expiry date of your registered Debit Card is at least 1 month away.


Step 2: Contact your issuing bank to correctly set up your debit card for Auto-Billing

When contacting your bank, ensure that:

  • You’ve enabled your card for non-3D online transactions (CNP: Card-Not-Present) at your bank
  • Your Purchase Limit, Spending Limit, and Transaction Limit is set up for the amount that you will be charged monthly
  • You have sufficient balance in your bank account during your bill cycle.


Step 3: Ensure your outstanding amount is paid

•Do ensure that you’ve paid all outstanding amount before registering for auto-billing to avoid overdue bills.


To check for any outstanding amount, click here:



Step 4: Register for Auto-Billing via MyDigi app

With just a few simple steps, setting up your auto-billing feature will take just a few short minutes! To learn how to do so, click here:



Step 5: Auto-Billing Registration is complete

Once completed, your auto-billing will be activated almost immediately and will take effect in the next billing cycle.

by Member
on ‎23-05-2021 04:50 PM

Hi MyDigi Team,


May i know when mydigi will deduct my debit card balance? because until now mydigi still havent deduct this month billing amount  RM20 plus from my bank account, the amount show still outstanding in mydigi.


My month billing date is 15-May-2021, now is 23-May-2021


Please advise, thanks.

by Support
on ‎24-05-2021 07:58 AM

Hi keithsk. The payment will be update within minimum of 7- 15 days from the Statement Date.


Thank you.