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Get your Internet Reload at your favourite stores!

by obatterista SuperUser on ‎13-08-2018 09:20 AM - edited on ‎30-10-2018 05:24 PM by Community Manager

Things have gotten much more convenient for our Digi Prepaid users!  Reload your Internet with softpins that you can get from  your favourite convenient stores !

202422172 Digi Prepaid Org Trade A5 Tent Card ENG FA_Crop.jpg

Check out the list of participating convenience stores here:

Convenience Store
- 7Eleven
- 99 Speedmart
- Happy Mart
- KK Mart
- Mynews

Hyper Mart

- Cold Storage
- Giant
- Jason’s
- Mercato
- Tesco

Petrol Kiosk
- BHPetrol
- Caltex
- Petron

- Petronas
- Shell

- Maybank
- Watson


Once you purchased your Internet Reload softpin, here's how to use it:

Via UMB code - RM3

Step 1
step 1 a.png

Step 2
Step 2 - RM3.png


Via UMB code - RM10
Step 1
Step 1 - RM10.png
Step 2
Step 2 -RM10.png

Alternatively, you can also use your softpin and reload via the MyDigi app.

MyDigi app - RM3
Step 1
Step 1 - RM3.png

Step 2
Step 2 - MyDigi RM10.png

MyDigi app - RM10

Step 1
Step 1 - MyDigi RM10.png
Step 2
Step 2 -RM10.png

Got a question? Find out more in the FAQs below:

Q1. Where can customer buy this internet reload?

A1. You may buy this internet reload at 7Eleven, 99 Speedmart, AEON BiG, BHPetrol, Caltex, Cold Storage, Giant, Happy Mart, Jason's, KK Super Mart, Maybank, Mercato,  MyNews.comPetron, Petronas, Tesco, Watsons.

Q2. Who is eligible for this internet reload offer?
A2. This internet offer is applicable to all Digi Prepaid Mobile subscribers except DG Smart Plan and Prepaid Internet customers.

Q3. Customer purchased the internet reload. What are the steps to activate the internet?
A3. Follow these steps below.

Step 1 : Reload using the PIN given via UMB or MyDigi
UMB : Dial *123*16-digit pin# and press Call
MyDigi : Go to Reload > Pin, key in 16-digit pin and tab “Reload”
Step 2 : Redeem your internet via UMB or MyDigi
UMB : User redeem via *888*1#
MyDigi : Go to Add-ons > Freebies, choose the available freebie 3GB or 8.5GB

Q4. Upon completion of “Step 1 – Reload” what is the account validity being granted to customers?
A4. Upon completion of “Step 1 – Reload”, customer’s account will be granted a 1-day validity. Customers must perform step 2 within 24 hours for RM3 and 8 days for RM10 after successfully performed “Step 1 – Reload”

Q5. Upon successful completion of “Step 2 – Redemption” what is the account validity being granted to customers?
A5. Upon completion of “Step 2 – Redemption”, customer’s account will be granted the following validity:
RM 3 – 24 hours
RM10 – 7 days

Q6. Can customer perform multiple internet reload at any point of time?
A6. Customer may purchase multiple RM3 internet reload at any point of time. However customer may purchase only 1 RM10 internet reload at any single point of time.


Q7. Why customer receive an error message “You already have similar offer” when customer perform the reload?
A7. This error message is only applicable to customers who try to perform another internet reload when there is still active internet reload in the account. Customers can only perform the internet reload after the current internet reload expired.
Scenario: Customer successfully redeemed the RM10 – 8.5GB internet reload on 1st September with validity until 8th September. However, customer perform another internet reload on the 5th September. Customer will receive the error and can only perform the additional internet reload on 8th September

Q8. Can customer purchase internet reload in MyDigi and at the selling stores at the same time?
A8. Yes, customer may purchase this offer in MyDigi and at any of the stores offering the internet reload at the same time.
Scenario: Customer purchased the offer in MyDigi on 1st September. On 2nd September, customer may purchase the similar internet reload at MyNews.com

Q9. What happens if I purchase the RM3 internet reload after thebiGBonus 1GB daily time band (e.g. 8pm)?
A9. As the RM3 internet reload is valid for 24 hours, you will get to enjoy the biGBonus 1GB on the day of purchase or on the following day, as long as it is still within the 24-hour time frame.

by Fazi Member
on ‎20-12-2018 04:26 AM

 Semalam sy top4 rm10 guna secara bank islam 

Tapi pin no top4 sy xdapat..macam mana sy nak dapat kan top4 sy

by Support
on ‎20-12-2018 12:45 PM

Hi Fazi. Kalau masih tak dapat kredit yang dibeli, anda perlu menghubungi Bank Islam sebab reload sepatutnya datang terus dari mereka.


Tapi, kalau anda menggunakan aplikasi MyDigi terlebih dahulu, kemudian memilih Bank Islam, anda boleh PM (inbox) kami untuk semakan dan bantuan. Terima kasih.