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Gaming Freedom: Reload gaming credits with Limited Edition League of Legends reload cards!

by Community Manager ‎21-06-2017 12:56 PM - edited ‎26-12-2017 05:20 PM

Fans of League of Legends, make sure you don’t miss this!


This 1-15 July 2017, get your hands on the Limited Edition League of Legends reload cards. To make it more convenient for you, these special edition reload cards can be used for either Digi Prepaid airtime reload or gaming credits reload (currently you can only use them to reload Garena shells.


Collect these designs! You can also score a Premium Star Guardian Jinx Skin of LoL when you reload RM100.



Reload your Garena Shells with 3 easy steps:


 Step 1: Login to http://pay.garena.my Select Digi as Payment & Click Digi Reload Card

Step 2: Click on Digi Card Topup

Step 3: Enter the 16-digit reload pin & mobile number. Results will be displayed and games points credited according to the reload denomination entered. E.g. RM10 = 142 Garena Shells



Q1. What is the service about?

A1. You are now able to use the Digi reload cards to top up your favourite online game points. Both Digi physical card and soft-pin purchased through e-pay terminal are usable.


Q2. Is there a specific Digi reload card just for this service?

A2. No. Regular Digi reload card valued RM5 and above can be used for this service


Q3. Do I have to be a Digi customer to use this to top up games?

A3. No you don’t. Anyone can use this service.


Q4. Does it have to be a physical Digi reload card? Can I use a reload slip printed from terminals at convenience store like 7Eleven & MyNews instead?

A4. Both Digi reload cards and slip printed from terminals can be used.


Q5. Can I use half of the Digi reload card value for this service and the other half for my Digi Prepaid airtime?

A5. No you can’t. You can only choose either to reload for airtime or games credits.


Q6. Do I need to register different Digi Games Top Up accounts for different online game publishers?

A6. No you don’t. You may use the same account for all.


Q7. Is there a maximum amount that I can top up in a day?

A7. Yes there is. The maximum is a total of RM1500/day worth of game points top up.


Q8. Do all online game publishers have this top up option?

A8. We aim to have this option available for all online game publishers soon but for the time being, the option is only available on Garena.


Q9. I have reloaded RM100 through Digi Prepaid Reload Card, how do I get the Premium Star Guardian Jinx Skin for League of Legends?

A9. We will get in touch with you and we’ll need you to provide your League of Legends account. The skin will then be automatically credited to your League of Legends account by within 7 days.


Terms and conditions for Promo:

  1. All eligible users will get the Premium Star Guardian Jinx Skin for League of Legends by 19th July.
  2. Existing accounts with Star Guardian Jinx skin not eligible for item.
  3. Garena UID accounts with no LoL account will have to create an LoL account and contact Customer Service to receive Star Guardian Jinx skin.