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Direct Billing for Google Play - all your questions answered!

by SuperUser on ‎27-04-2016 11:22 AM
  • How do I charge my Google Play purchases to Digi Direct Billing?

We have a guide written by our fellow member Lacus here for reference.


  • I do not see "Enable Digi billing" option.

One of the most important criteria that the system validates is your billing address. Ensure that the home/billing address resides in Malaysia. Home address can be edited from Google Payments page. If you have any credit card that defaults to a non-Malaysian address, you may want to remove it too.


  • I am purchasing an expensive app and payment is declined although I have sufficient credit limit or credit balance.

To prevent accidental purchases, there are safety limit imposed:

1) Maximum of RM200 for transaction(s) per day. Exceeding this limit will result in High Risk error message.

2) Maximum of RM500 cumulative transactions within last 1 month, also subject to credit limit or credit balance

3) Maximum of RM50 cumulative transactions within last 1 month, for purchases on Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Books and Google Play Newsstand.


  • I have passed the above criteria but payment is still declined, or I get verification error.

Your MyDigi/Connect email address(es) should contain your Gmail account that is used to login and purchase apps. Follow the below guide if you need pictorial assistance.


Visit MyDigi web portal, click on Profile. Then click Manage account with CONNECT.



Then click on Edit link for email addresses. You can add your Gmail address to the account, then retry verification on your device.




  • I requested for refund within grace period, Google says refunded but my Digi hasn't refunded the amount into my credit balance.

Refunds have a 30-day turnaround policy for verification and fraud prevention.


  • Are all devices supported for Digi direct billing?

Almost all recent devices are supported with the exception of Xiaomi devices.