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Celebrate the New MyDigi App!

by Community Manager on ‎08-03-2019 05:22 PM


Dear subscribers,

We’ve got a new app version ready for you! We can't wait for you to sign-up and check it out. The brand new interface was designed to make your app experience more secured while still rewarding you with offers tailored just for you!

With the new MyDigi app version 8.0, you get to manage your Digi account on-the-go effortlessly, and that’s just a start. The all-new MyDigi is everything that you loved about MyDigi and more, with a new look. We heard you! Your favorite features like Usage, Deals, Rewards, and Inbox are now easier to find with quick link buttons.

The brand new app look offers you a brand new experience, more secured account management while serving and rewarding you with personalised ease. This also means existing and new users have to sign-up again for a more secure app experience. Check out all the cool things you can do with the app here.

Moreover, we want to thank you for helping us reaching 3 million monthly active users on the MyDigi! To celebrate this milestone, we are offering limited-time offers and data plans at just RM3 on the newly updated app. Get rewarded with fantastic RM3 deals right in the app! Satisfy your cravings for Burger King, Krispy Kreme, Rotiboy, and more when you download the new app  here now.

Plus, get 3GB Internet for only RM3 and stand a chance to win a limited edition Oppo Lamborghini phone! For more details on the MyDigi RM3 Deals Contest, click this link .

Note:  All users on the MyDigi app version 8.0 and above must sign up again. This is a new process provided by Digi to ensure a safer account management hub. Existing users using Connect ID will also be required to sign up again. Please note that Connect ID and the new MyDigi app (v8.0 and above) are different logins. Subscribers looking to login to MyDigi via website will still be required to use the old Connect ID login. For more information, see this link.

by Super Contributor
on ‎09-03-2019 08:31 AM

There is no update on adroid for latest version.

by Community Manager
on ‎11-03-2019 07:04 PM

@fadly0416  Hi Fadly, we are currently rolling out the new app version in batches. Do be patient, you should be getting the new app version soon! Smiley Happy

by Super Contributor
on ‎11-03-2019 09:29 PM

If digi is not ready, no point to tell the whole world. Pls do  only you can do it.

by Anonymous
on ‎12-03-2019 11:43 AM

fadly0416, Thank you for your feedback. Information provided is the overview of the new MyDigi app. Once your device is updated for the new MyDigi app, you may enjoy the new interface Smiley Happy

by Member
on ‎14-03-2019 11:23 AM

Hi there, I cant login into mydigi app. I have signed up for a new account and everytime i log in using the details it brings me back to the login page. please help!!!

by Member
on ‎02-04-2019 10:47 PM

Hi, I am using corporate line, now can't login to MyDigi anymore after update to new app on my android phone. Why? 

by Support
on ‎03-04-2019 10:29 AM

Hi lptan, For the time being, the new MyDigi App is not yet available for Corporate customers. Please uninstall the new MyDigi Apps (if you already installed/updated the latest Mydigi Apps). You can revert back to version 2.0 by accessing the below link:


o http://mydigiapp.mydigicoreteam.com/mydigi.html