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poor network, cant get volte - just because i am not on iphone huawei/samsung

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Registered: ‎02-06-2015

the below is my original post, digi has called and asked why  via the survey call, yet , each time giving me standard aswner, and no solution is given.


Digi, pls revert and solve the problem. dont tell me with your standard answer that, will highlight to management and do the planning. come-on, already almost 1.5 half year, what has you planned and solved?


tell us. The problem may seem insignificant? but your service affects our life, now all need internet, can i do with  it with every thing want to be connected?


DIGI pls revert here by 17/3/2020.





i have had network issue facing slow internet and delay in getting TAC number, and also poor call quality due to the fact that digi said the phone only route to network in H, instead of volte, as phone manufacturer did not update with digi. BUT is this the case, phone manufacturer said otherwise.


i have raised the issues since Jan 2019, then progressively, follow up with call/chat/message, but the reply from digi is fairly standard, higher number of user or put in request to network team, and will resolve by xxxxx.


will resolve by xxxx, this was the was tricky part.

Example, when in Jan 2019, say expected to solve by April 2019.

when asked again, say July 2019, then Setp 2019. again to December 2019. then...


so when in 2020, we ask again, now say the same story again, and expect to settle by JULY 2020.


We do understand you need time to plan and get approval, but every month we are paying, and yet facing the problems when we want to use? fair to us? reasonable service?

what has been planned or achieved for the past  1 year plus...this is not a day or 2...so DIGI ...


give me back the YELLOW man, where he will follow us, and solve the problem.

be proactive and rewarding, and innovative!


your standard answer is just ......